Custos Media Technologies is getting involved with a blockchain based solution for e-book piracy.

The combination of Digimarc’s Barcode for digital documents with Custos’ infringement detection technology provides a significantly more effective way to battle against e-piracy.

Custos has also been working closely with Erudition a lot over the past year. Erudition is a media protection company that is based in Stellenbosch.

Erudition supplies technology that adds bitcoin deposits for e-books. This digital payment method allows Custos to accurately detect piracy after the first copy of a file is shared.

Publishers all over the world share the same major problem of e-book piracy. The solution that Digimarc provides is the embedding of invisible watermarks in each copy of an e-book.

Custos compliments DimiaMarc’s solution by swiftly detecting leaked copies of watermarked e-books. Custos is even able to breach into the dark web which is generally not able to be breached from the outside.

This scheme improves on existing methods of watermarking files and then crawling various places on the internet to detect those files,” Bill Rosenblatt, the DRM specialist and president of GiantSteps Media Technology Strategies, said, “Bounty hunters can find these files in places which those crawlers can’t access, such as password-protected cyber locker accounts.”

G-J van Rooyen, Custos’ CEO, said that the combination of his company’s services together with Digimarc’s barcoding provides for the most successful and promising solution to protect the works of e-publishers.

Written by: Brian Clubb

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