NIGERIAN STARTUP FILMLOCATIONS.COM.NG SIMPLIFIES LOCATION-HUNTING is a Nigerian-based startup that has launched an online marketplace with the purpose of connecting filmmakers to suitable locations for their projects.

In the filmmaking process, one of the most tedious parts is finding a suitable location that will capture the scene as perfectly as possible.

In some cases, producers must also negotiate with property owners and sort of tedious paper work. This new startup aims to make this process a whole lot easier and time-efficient.

The founder of, Akinwale Muse said, “Our primary objective is to simplify the locating scouting process for filmmakers, so they can focus on what they know best – shooting great content – while allowing property owners to make some extra cash.”

Property owners of any sort and location can list their property locations on the platform. This method allows filmmakers to browse through the lists and pick which property is most suitable for them to use for their film. They can then contact the property owners directly to book the location.

The founder gained the inspiration to create this startup after an intense experience with a client back in the summer of 2016.

The potential of the self-funded startup is huge. Nigeria holds its position as the second largest film market in world, producing over 5,000 types of films every year.

Muse said, “Our primary market is Nigeria. We have no plan to expand into a new market soon, however our goal is to have 6,000 locations listed on our website within the next 24 months.”

Written by: Brian Clubb

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