Meda Messenger was originally launched in 2015 as a side project. Just recently, the startup has opened to the public with the hopes that it will quickly take off into success.

The startup’s goal is to aid Ethiopians in connecting as well as allow them to buy and sell goods. They will also be able to transfer the money from a single chat screen.

Whenever a new user registers with the startup’s platform, a virtual bank account is simultaneously and automatically made. The chat app also adapts to the user’s own native language and even cultural context.

The startup’s messenger greatly appeals to all users as it automatically adapts to the user’s language while also allowing them to make transactions professionally.

Biruk Hailu, the CEO at Meda Messenger, said, “Our mission is to become the touchpoint of all walks of life, improving and enhancing African lives from farmer to scientist, the intended impact being fostering a connected, informed and vibrant society.”

“Meda is built with locally contextualized design and content, encouraging users to not only exploit instant messaging in their own language and culture, but to do business at the same time,” continued Hailu.

So far, the startup is only self-funded and charges its users a commission of 1.5 percent per every transaction they make.

The startup also provides the tools necessary for business owners to reach users in an appropriately personalized and geographically targeted manner.

Hailu said, “Ethiopia, being our home country, is our primary market, however the same problems exist in neighboring countries and other parts of Africa. We have expansion plans in the next five years once the home market matures.”

Written by: Brian Clubb

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