Accion Venture Lab wants to build Nigerian fintech startups

Investment firm Accion Venture Lab is looking for 15 Nigerian entrepreneurs to help it build fintech startups from scratch via its Company Builder programme.

Accion Venture Lab has invested in 33 startups around the world that leverage technology to offer financial solutions such as alternative credit scoring, digital lending and cashless payments.

Its Company Builder programme is aimed at building inclusive fintech startups from scratch in Nigeria, with Accion Venture Lab looking for 15 future entrepreneurs from diverse fields to help craft solutions that can serve millions of unbanked Nigerians.

“These skilled professionals will generate ideas and form startup teams to develop and refine their concepts. We’ll select the top ideas and match qualified co-founders together to test each solution. Finally, we’ll support the best team as they transition to full-time founders and build their company,” said Averi Thomas-Moore, Company Builder associate at Accion Venture Lab.

Company Builder will provide guidance from experienced investors and share knowledge gleaned from functional fintech models relevant to this market throughout the process. Interested parties can apply here.

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